Who Is Joy Okoro?

Apparently,i’m 19 years young (not old :)) and i’m from Nigeria studying law in one of the prominent universities.

I founded TheProfany on March 2017, with the aim to provide valuable sprout contents for bloggers and small business as well as related contents such as internet marketing and career.

I started my first blog at the age of 15, and it was never a success and out of frustration and being broke,I had to dump it and was able to learn lots of Web design,SEO etc with it.

I wanted to let myself off some stress..

… then i began to read a lot of blogs that has to do with my niche,in other to learn more and acquire more knowledge.
I started off with sites like :
Neilpatel,Backlinko, BusinessInsider,Entrepreneur,Moz – Just to mention
a few.

Though as a professional,I still felt there are more to learn!

While experimenting and reading hundreds of blogs

I discovered new things,Valuable stuffs,first hand information which will be beneficial to people out there and something people will be interested to know if I’d speak about it.

Right then !,I came up with what I call “The profitable side on blogging and growing small business

Then I realized there is something that makes me different from other bloggers out there.
And nothing is more satisfying than helping other
people succeed in what they really want to know about. 

After spending 4 years, discovering first hand information which I kept to myself for long.

I decided to create TheProfany to blog about these things.
I’m on a mission to show you
 The profitable side on blogging and growing small business“, by teaching you the followups to make it a success, 
… things you should know and things you should start doing from today.

Even if you don’t know where to start,Theprofany is here,and even if you don’t have a passion,you can still re-write your own history and shake the world.

Joy Okoro