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Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria : How to Succeed in 2018

Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria : How to Succeed in 2018

If you’re a Nigerian,and you’ve never succeeded in affiliate marketing,then you’ll need to relax and read this important article till the end.

These days,it’s very rare to see Nigerians succeed in affiliate marketing. A large percent of them, thinks its impossible and some don’t know how to actually go about it!

If you could look closely,95% of Nigerians are now depending in Adsense for a source of income in their different blogs and when they don’t get an approval message,it feels like someone has really broken their hearts.

They go to the extent of dumping their blog whenever Adsense has continuously and blatantly disapproved their request.

What am I blogging for? They would say!

How can Nigerians succeed in Affiliate marketing?

This is one of the most important questions every Nigerian will need an answer to.

Although there are many affiliate programs out there,which they can join,promote and make money.

Yes,there are few fat paying affiliate programs that are NOT accepting Nigerians OR their payment method is not available.

But I’ve always had a trick to overcome these things.

As you all may know,payoneer has become a payment option for most paying affiliate programs and companies and you can easily accept your payments.

As a wanna be affiliate marketer,if you don’t have a payoneer card yet,then you’re really not serious about online business.

Sign-up for your payoneer account here,and you’ll receive $25 for free!

Again,if the program you’re promoting issues payments via Paypal you can either pay an expert to get one for you or connect with a friend to always help you do the withdrawals.

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There are MANY Nigerian affiliate programs that are paying peanuts to its affiliates and that’s why,we look out for fat paying affiliate programs that will make us give that big smile even if we referred
just 3 people.

Lets’s discuss more on how you can succeed as a Nigerian seeking to make a living from the internet.

These strategies are unique and working and that’s the things you actually need.

Build Your Email Lists

Nigerians hardly build email lists,and I believe it’s because of the expenses.

It costs from about $10-100$ a month.

If you know the whole features and importance of building email lists,you’ll start doing it right away.

As a Nigerian,that wants to make it with affiliate marketing,you probably need to build an audience.

For you to promote a product,you need a good audience to show it to,and few persons will eventually give in to it.

When you build your email lists,you share your blog posts with them,promotional offers,they’ll click and read it and you’re already sending traffic to your blog where you’ll promote your affiliate links.

When you build your email lists to hundreds of thousands,you don’t have to worry about traffic because whenever you publish, a lot of people are going to read it.

You can get started with MailChimp its free upto 2,000 subscribers and 2,000 is really good. You can register for an account here.

Write Reviews

Another good way Nigerians can succeed in affiliate marketing is to write good reviews of the programs they’re affiliating with.

Below are some of the reviews I’ve written on this blog.

  • FlyWheel Affiliate Program : Earn Upto $500 per Referral
  • GetFlyWheel Review : Is It a Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting?
  • Garanntor Affiliate Program : Earn Upto 30% Commission
  • ClickAdu Review : Pop-Under Ad Network For Publishers
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People want to read and know much about the product they want to purchase to see if its good or not.

When people in that category sees your review and they loved it,they can click-through your links and make a purchase while you earn a commission immediately and you can cash out upon request.

If you write a product review without having traffic,no one is going to buy it,so you can work on your blog’s SEO or promote the article on Facebook or any other ad networks with that,you can faster the amount of sales you’ll get.

You can follow this link to order for our SEO services and your blog will be optimized for google rankings.

Build Your Social Media Pages

Build your social media pages with targeted followers. Don’t take chances,fill up all the spaces and gaps. You need lots of traffic to make it in this business.

Build your Facebook pages and groups,Instagram page,twitter page and Pinterest.

There are thousand ways to build a traffic.

A good way to build these pages to hundreds of thousands is to spend! Publicity yields exposure don’t screw it!

Optimize Your Blog For SEO

When you optimize your blog for SEO,you get FREE traffic from google for few keywords on your blog posts.

You can always pay SEO expertsΒ to help you optimize and work on your blog’s SEO. When they do this,you’ll always rank for few of your blog’s post in google searches and you can get a good amount of traffic from it.

Meet a Coach

Sometimes,you’ll need a coach who has been in affiliate marketing with years of experience to coach and guide you on the steps to take.

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With a coach,you’ll rarely make mistakes,and it won’t take a couple of months,you’ve already started making a good sum of money from affiliate marketing.

You can meet an affiliate coach,who is experienced and ready to guide you to the money-making system by mailing us at pinvinne@gmail.com and we’ll supply you with the things you need to get started.


Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but with the right steps, you’ll always make money.

Now,you’ve read all the things you need to succeed in affiliate marketing,its left for you to put it into practice.

You can always ask questions if you’re confused in some aspects of affiliate marketing.

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  • Great Post, Thanks alot for sharing

  • Nice one Joy. was really informative.

  • Hey Joy,

    My first visit to your blog.

    Cool Stuff here on Affiliate Marketing.

    It’s one of the best ways to make money from a blog an Autopilot just recommending quality products you personally use to your visitors

    Have a great time.

  • Wow, have never known a brave and smart female blogger like Joy Okoro ever exist in Nigeria until I visited your blog for the first time today. I have personally used my private email to signed up for your email list because you inspire me with what I always emphasis on with most of my blog content.

    This a very wonderful content you have produced here. Happy someone cares about the growth of Nigerian bloggers. thumb up sweedy and keep writing.

    Talk to you again!

  • Wow, what an amazing content, you nailed it down here big time. I love it, my first time here is not a waist. keep it up, sis. i wana be getting more tips from you. Keep updating us.

    and also check my site up there, i also wrote some contents about affiliate marketing, detailed like this.

    There are some tips that is needed to employ to attract more sales, like disguising to be female, and attract a lot of buyers. lol… I have done, i am still doing this to boost all my affiliate links through clikcbanks, and not through advert, only on social media.

    i believe using a female account to advertise will bring a lot of sales than other means, and more so. it will be more advantageous to use… read more…i stop here

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      I can easily relate to that. As a female, I’ve encountered such.

      Even my partner would give my details to its customers to connect and reach to an agreement over a business.

      Although, my male friend is the mastermind of the business.

      We females do have an upper hand in businesses as regards to workflow, that’s why most of these online businesses, their customer care representatives are mostly females.

      I’ll stop here too. πŸ™‚

  • This is absolutely great, It’s informative and fabulous, great job!!

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    What A Lecture

    How I Wish Have Seen This Since
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